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For 12+ years, we’ve arranged premium items to profit from your speakers, television, and the present latest advances. We give the best insight through plan, sponsorship, and effortlessness of presentation. Our best-in-class improvements consolidate a complete assurance of television mounts, media furniture, speaker stands and mounts, racks, and other AV embellishments. Arranged and planned in we offer multi-day seven days based ace client care and assurance upheld things.

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Do I need to provide any materials for my service, other than the TV?

The only materials you need to provide for your TV mounting service are the necessary cables to connect your TV to any of your AV components. Depending on the types of receivers, speakers, and other equipment you have, you might need HDMI and/or optical cables as well as audio and power cords.

How can I hide wires after my TV wall mount installation?

Milestvmounting provides many options for hiding wires after your TV wall mount installation to achieve a neat, clean appearance. Included in your service are neatly dressed wires, but cord masking and in-wall cord concealment services are offered for an additional cost. With an external cord masking option, your TV and component wires are enclosed in a discrete plastic channel that runs along the wall’s surface. If your home has drywall over stud construction, HelloTech provides in-wall cord concealment services using a power bridge. For this method, wires are hidden behind the wall, pulled out through an opening placed lower towards the floor, and then plugged into a nearby outlet.

What's included in HelloTech's TV mounting service?

Same-day TV mounting service and has service techs available 7 days a week. HelloTech’s TV mounting service includes: • Installation of a mounting bracket • Mounting of one TV • Connecting all necessary video and audio cables and components • Neat dressing of wires • Configuring peripheral devices • In-wall or external cord concealment services (at an additional cost

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